Solution for strange Xorg font rendering problems

On two occasions on different machines, I had problems with strange artefacts in font rendering in X Window / KDE. Most notably, in some font sizes an “ö” (Umlaut o) would suddenly appear with only one of the two dots above it.

As it turned out, the problem was fixed by simply deleting the directory ~/.fontconfig of the respective user, which consists of one or several fonts cache files. A restart of X is necessary for the change to take effect.

Obviously these caches can get out of sync sometimes, especially when experimenting with font settings heavily.

How to change mouse cursor theme for KDM

The name of the default theme is in /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme:

[Icon Theme]

Change “wonderland” to the name of your preferred theme.

DRM problems on Tecra 9100 crashing or freezing X

Every once in a while, Xorg / DRI / DRM crashes or freezes. It seems to be related to heavy 3D load from xscreensaver modules. Last entry in logfile before freeze is:
Oct 21 09:36:59 fango kernel: [drm:savage_bci_wait_event_shadow] *ERROR* failed!
Oct 21 09:36:59 fango kernel: [drm] status=0×0000d895, e=0xd897
This is with the savage driver module on PCLinuxOS 0.93 with xorg-x11-6.9.0-61.pclo2005.mde and dkms-drm-2.0-61.pclo2005.mde.

I also had X crashes (instead of freezes), I had some messages about MTRR in the log then. I plan to try using xorg.conf NoMTRR:
Section “Screen”

DefaultColorDepth 16
Option “NoMTRR” “True”

A test with glxgears showed no degradation in performance.

Another thing to try is putting the savage kernel module into modprobe.preload explicitly.

PCLinuxOS Errata: suspend-scripts-1.26-1tex

In file /etc/sysconfig/suspend-scripts/suspend.d/sound,
it has to be

    for n in `lsof -n +c 0|grep /dev|egrep ' (14|116),'|sed -e 's/ \+/|/g'|cut '-d|' -f1-3`; do

instead of

    for n in `lsof -n|grep /dev|egrep ' (14|116),'|sed -e 's/ \+/|/g'|cut '-d|' -f1-3`; do

otherwise application names longer than 9 characters will be cut and thus cannot be restarted.

Linux tools for digitising analog audio sources

I didn’t try them yet, but I plan to, as I want to digitise a lot of vinyl LPs and analog audio tapes some day.

Using keywords in BloGTK with WordPress and Jerome’s keywords plugin

Don’t use cut and paste from the web articles - the single quotes will potentially get messed up and break the whole thing!

$resp = array(
      'dateCreated' => new IXR_Date($post_date),
      'userid' => $postdata['post_author'],
      'postid' => $postdata['ID'],
      'description' => $post['main'],
      'title' => $postdata['post_title'],
      'link' => $link,
      'permaLink' => $link,
// commented out because no other tool seems to use this
//      'content' => $entry['post_content'],
      'categories' => $categories,
      'mt_excerpt' => $postdata['post_excerpt'],
      'mt_text_more' => $post['extended'],
      'mt_allow_comments' => $allow_comments,
      'mt_allow_pings' => $allow_pings,
// 061020 -mich
      'mt_keywords' => get_post_meta($postdata['ID'], 'keywords', true)

Versions used: WordPress 2.0.3, Jerome’s Keywords Plugin 1.9, BloGTK 1.1

WordPress plugin to display code from external files

This should come in handy for my Linux tweaking documentation needs: Code Viewer plugin

The truth about USA presidential election 2004

Just looked this up again for a friend who missed it back in the days:

List of free webspace providers

I found this list while looking for an easy way to blog, as my current webspace provider Arcor does not support neither PHP nor any kind of database. 110mb looks particularly interesting, but is not available atm. So I settled for iFastNet for now, which seems a bit on the slow side, but otherwise a great package.