MPlayer with x264 support on PCLinuxOS

Quite a hassle. First get the mplayer source rpm package. This can be rebuilt rather easily with rpmbuild --rebuild /tmp/mplayer-1.0-0.svn20060827.1tex.src.rpm once all dependencies are installed (the build will complain about a lot of missing devel packages, some more are easily guessed by the error messages the build will fail with).
In principle, mplayer will autodetect installed codecs, but it doesn’t work for current pclos packages x264-0.46.511-1tex and x264-devel-0.46.511-1tex. A look into /usr/src/RPM/BUILD/mplayer-svn20060827/configure.log shows that mplayer explicitly enforces recent versions of x264. [More…]

Workaround for problem with “lame” mp3 encoding

When using mencoder to reencode an wmv9 video to mpeg4 with mp3 audio, I recently got problems I didn’t experience before. Those happened with -oac mp3lame as well as with -oac lavc. Error message was along the lines of Internal buffer inconsistency and something about flushbits.

The problem was with mplayer-1.0-0.svn20060827.1tex and liblame0-3.97-1tex and went away when I downgraded to liblame0-3.96.1-1tex.