Nero Linux 3 - no upgrade option!

Only a few months ago, I bought Nero Linux 2. It was way behind the Windows version in functionality and looks, but it could burn some images k3b could not. I thought it was worth the 20€ to support Nero in their Linux endeavour. I did not regret it, and there was even an occasional update every now and then.

Now there is Nero Linux 3. Good news, I thought - seems like they’re increasing their Linux efforts. My delight lasted only until I noticed that Nero 3 does not accept my Nero 2 serial number. [More…]

I cannot recommend free hosting with iFastNet anymore

In this post from October 2006, I explained why I had chosen ifastnet as a free host for webspace and Wordpress hosting. They won me over with a lot of functionality, plenty of web space, and most of all, they advertised being banner free. [More…]

Solved: wp_list_categories with post count and “display: block”

It is a known Wordpress problem that with themes like MK2 the post count on the category list breaks the layout. This is because the category link is marked as display: block in the CSS to make the whole area link sensitive. The post count is rendered outside of the link tag, so that it gets broken up onto the next line.

CSS div borders made from images

To achieve resizable effects like rounded corners or drop shadows, there’s a very nice tutorial here: