Hybrid Google Maps for Maemo Mapper

Niko Kotilainen has an interesting server script on his site to bring hybrid Google Street/Satellite maps into Maemo Mapper. Unfortunately, you have to set up your own server with it, since there is no shared public server available. I did not find the time to try this out yet.

At long last: A HP LP2065 TFT in good working order

HP LP2065About three months ago, I gave away my tried and tested Dell 1702FP because someone else needed it as a replacement for a dead CRT. This Dell was a 17″ 1280×1024 display and had served me flawlessly for almost 5 years with no dead pixels or other defects.

My wishlist for a replacement had the following criteria on it: [More…]

N800 Firmware-Update to Version 4.2007.38-2

My previous Version was 3.2007.10-7, I skipped the initial version of the Skype Firmware which showed the infamous SDHC card-frying bug.

These are the steps I went through for the update: [More…]