President Bush on Global Warming

Will Ferrell as George BushWill Ferrell makes us believe that the Commander in chief of the World is very concerned about global warming. Deeply, in a deep kind of concerned way.

This video is more than two years old now, but still hilarious, and more up-to-date than ever.

Maemo Backup Application hangs

I just experienced the Maemo backup application to hang when I tried to do a backup. I found out that the culprit of failure was the backup configuration file for pidgin, /etc/osso-backup/applications/pidgin.conf. It tries to backup the directory /home/user/.purple, and osso-backup seems to have big trouble with long filenames containing all kinds of special characters like @ and # which there are plenty of in the logs subdirectory where the chat logs reside. [More…]

Firefox: Change the cursor for links that open in new window

I find it annoying and confusing not to know whether a link I click on will replace my currently viewed page or open in a new window resp. tab. Fortunately, Mozilla offers a way to “know before you go” for their Firefox browser. This configuration will change your mouse pointer to a different shape when hovering over a link that wants to open itself in a new window.

Migrating a KMail installation including GnuPG

These are the steps to migrate a KMail installation with GnuPG (GPG) keys and mail account passwords maintained by KWallet. It worked perfectly for a migration from PCLinuxOS 2005 (0.93) to Kubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon), which is KMail 1.9.5/KDE 3.5.5 to KMail 1.9.6/KDE 3.5.8. [More…]