President Bush on Global Warming

Will Ferrell as George BushWill Ferrell makes us believe that the Commander in chief of the World is very concerned about global warming. Deeply, in a deep kind of concerned way.

This video is more than two years old now, but still hilarious, and more up-to-date than ever.

The authoritative Project Cartoon

How projects really work
Anyone who has ever taken a seminar about systems specification or the gathering of requirements surely knows some variant of this cartoon about diverging views and understanding of a problem. Those who don’t should hurry straight to You can even build your own version of the story there.

USBear, or “you can’t leave your head on”

Ever since I came across this hilarious headless guy, I knew I wanted to get hold of one. Since noone seems to have jumped the train yet producing such things commercially, I was left with no choice but to make up my own. It was a bloody operation, but the patient is healthy:

USBear relaxingUSBear, at workUSBear, in pieces

A nice feature which I only noticed when it was finished: there’s a spooky blue light flashing out of his cut throat when he’s operative. This is the blue LED of the memory stick shining through the transparent silicone I fit it with.

The truth about USA presidential election 2004

Just looked this up again for a friend who missed it back in the days: