No Case selection in KoverArtist

KoverArtist case templatesI wanted to do some DVD cases with KoverArtist, but the case template selector was empty, so the program only offered a standard CD jewel case template. It turns out that the Ubuntu Gutsy package is not only old (0.3.2 vs. 0.5) but also incomplete: It is flat out missing the template files. I just had to copy them over from the 0.5 source archive’s src/cases directory to my installation’s /usr/share/apps/koverartist/cases/.

Bug in OpenOffice PDF export with Type1 fonts

PDF export in OpenOffice 2.4.1 has a problem when exporting special characters (e.g. german Umlauts) of Type1 fonts. They appear as outlined squares in the PDF document. Everything is fine with TrueType fonts, and the export also works when using the Ubuntu default virtual PDF printer (note that it puts the generated file into the ~/PDF directory by default!).

This is on Kubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron with OpenOffice 2.4.1.

Workaround for problem with “lame” mp3 encoding

When using mencoder to reencode an wmv9 video to mpeg4 with mp3 audio, I recently got problems I didn’t experience before. Those happened with -oac mp3lame as well as with -oac lavc. Error message was along the lines of Internal buffer inconsistency and something about flushbits.

The problem was with mplayer-1.0-0.svn20060827.1tex and liblame0-3.97-1tex and went away when I downgraded to liblame0-3.96.1-1tex.