Repairing SD memory cards hosed by N800

Unfortunately my N800 still “eats” memory cards from time to time. It seems to be due to a corruption of the card’s partition table. Here are the steps I use to recover the cards. The example is for an 8 GB PNY SDHC card formatted with Ext2 filesystem. I used Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy and TestDisk 6.6 for this.

N800 Firmware Upgrade OS2007 to OS2008

These are my steps in upgrading from OS2007 4.2007.38-2 to OS 2008. The reason for the upgrade was that I somehow managed to hose my installation so that more and more python applications refused to run (Canola2, UKMP).

Maemo Backup Application hangs

I just experienced the Maemo backup application to hang when I tried to do a backup. I found out that the culprit of failure was the backup configuration file for pidgin, /etc/osso-backup/applications/pidgin.conf. It tries to backup the directory /home/user/.purple, and osso-backup seems to have big trouble with long filenames containing all kinds of special characters like @ and # which there are plenty of in the logs subdirectory where the chat logs reside. [More…]

Hybrid Google Maps for Maemo Mapper

Niko Kotilainen has an interesting server script on his site to bring hybrid Google Street/Satellite maps into Maemo Mapper. Unfortunately, you have to set up your own server with it, since there is no shared public server available. I did not find the time to try this out yet.

N800 Firmware-Update to Version 4.2007.38-2

My previous Version was 3.2007.10-7, I skipped the initial version of the Skype Firmware which showed the infamous SDHC card-frying bug.

These are the steps I went through for the update: [More…]

Ext2 as SD-card filesystem on N800

The necessary kernel modules are already there, but not loaded by default (tested on OS2007, 3.2007.10.7). [More…]

Custom search engines for N800 Internet Search Applet

Nokia’s Internet Search applet allows for custom search engine definitions, similar to the search plugins known from browsers like Firefox. The format is not compatible though. The defined engines are found as XML-files in /usr/share/mis. When you change files there, you have to disable/reenable the search applet to make it re-read the definitions. [More…]