How to prolong lithium-based batteries

Battery University has an interesting article explaining the physics of and experiences with different battery technologies. Especially interesting are the guidelines given to prolong the life of lithium-ion type batteries as used in laptops and other mobile devices.

I have already “worn out” three batteries for my N800, and in my experience complete discharges are in fact, as mentioned in the article, a crucial and noticeable influence. The article mentions heat as a second decisive factor.

Firefox: Change the cursor for links that open in new window

I find it annoying and confusing not to know whether a link I click on will replace my currently viewed page or open in a new window resp. tab. Fortunately, Mozilla offers a way to “know before you go” for their Firefox browser. This configuration will change your mouse pointer to a different shape when hovering over a link that wants to open itself in a new window.

I cannot recommend free hosting with iFastNet anymore

In this post from October 2006, I explained why I had chosen ifastnet as a free host for webspace and Wordpress hosting. They won me over with a lot of functionality, plenty of web space, and most of all, they advertised being banner free. [More…]

CSS div borders made from images

To achieve resizable effects like rounded corners or drop shadows, there’s a very nice tutorial here:

List of free webspace providers

I found this list while looking for an easy way to blog, as my current webspace provider Arcor does not support neither PHP nor any kind of database. 110mb looks particularly interesting, but is not available atm. So I settled for iFastNet for now, which seems a bit on the slow side, but otherwise a great package.