Solved: wp_list_categories with post count and “display: block”

It is a known Wordpress problem that with themes like MK2 the post count on the category list breaks the layout. This is because the category link is marked as display: block in the CSS to make the whole area link sensitive. The post count is rendered outside of the link tag, so that it gets broken up onto the next line.

Using keywords in BloGTK with WordPress and Jerome’s keywords plugin

Don’t use cut and paste from the web articles - the single quotes will potentially get messed up and break the whole thing!

$resp = array(
      'dateCreated' => new IXR_Date($post_date),
      'userid' => $postdata['post_author'],
      'postid' => $postdata['ID'],
      'description' => $post['main'],
      'title' => $postdata['post_title'],
      'link' => $link,
      'permaLink' => $link,
// commented out because no other tool seems to use this
//      'content' => $entry['post_content'],
      'categories' => $categories,
      'mt_excerpt' => $postdata['post_excerpt'],
      'mt_text_more' => $post['extended'],
      'mt_allow_comments' => $allow_comments,
      'mt_allow_pings' => $allow_pings,
// 061020 -mich
      'mt_keywords' => get_post_meta($postdata['ID'], 'keywords', true)

Versions used: WordPress 2.0.3, Jerome’s Keywords Plugin 1.9, BloGTK 1.1

WordPress plugin to display code from external files

This should come in handy for my Linux tweaking documentation needs: Code Viewer plugin