Repairing SD memory cards hosed by N800

Unfortunately my N800 still “eats” memory cards from time to time. It seems to be due to a corruption of the card’s partition table. Here are the steps I use to recover the cards. The example is for an 8 GB PNY SDHC card formatted with Ext2 filesystem. I used Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy and TestDisk 6.6 for this.

N800 Firmware-Update to Version 4.2007.38-2

My previous Version was 3.2007.10-7, I skipped the initial version of the Skype Firmware which showed the infamous SDHC card-frying bug.

These are the steps I went through for the update: [More…]

Ext2 as SD-card filesystem on N800

The necessary kernel modules are already there, but not loaded by default (tested on OS2007, 3.2007.10.7). [More…]